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About the Artist: Diane B Shabino, TWSA, IWS, WWS

Signature membership in the Transparent Watercolor Sociey & Illinois Watercolor Society and juried member of the Wisconsin Watercolor Society
My objective as an artist is to create pleasing, well-rendered yet original artwork primarily in transparent watercolor technique. I depend on strong drawing skills and traditional art training.  From this foundation, I try to create special effects and moods through manipulation of the media and composition. I am drawn to a large variety of subjects and enjoy rendering subjects as well as experimenting with different media in both representational and non-objective artwork.
I particularly enjoy rendering portraits in watercolor, capturing the physical likeness and the personality of the subject, a real challenge in any media, particularly watercolor.
I am available for commissions from your photographs please refer to the materials included in the Commissions link

Shows and Awards

      Annual CVA Theme Show - Wausau WI

                2015 Twelve Large, The Kitten & Ramblers (MANimal 2015 summer)
                2016 Winter Window (Roots show 2016 late fall)
            2018 Evie's Entourage and Cuppa (Roots)

              CVA/International Wisconsin Ginseng Poster Contest

                2017 Ginseng Phases – Grand Prize Winner
2018 WisconsinGinseng 2018

            Illinois WC Society National Exhibition

                2010 Stacy Seated (Honorable Mention)
                2011 Five Leaf Ivy the vine that twines
                2012 Hmong New Year - SIGNATURE STATUS earned
                2013 Rhododendron Great Dane
                2014 Up Up and Away
                2015 Lacecap Languish
                2017 Circuit--man

                     International Watermedia (Pikes Peak Watercolor Society)

                2013 My Muse 

              Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition

                2009 Five Leaf Ivy, the vine that twines
                2010 Hmong New Year      
                2015 Twelve Large  

       Midwest Seasons (CVA Wausau WI)

  1997 Winter Ride
2008 Winter’s End, Trailing Arbutus (Honors award)
2009 Spruce Cones Late Summer
      2010 September Tablescape
                2011 Five Lear Ivy, the vine that twines
                2012 River Road Farmer’s Market  (Best in Show Award) and  Stumped in Bluegill Park
            2014 Little Dude
              2015 Lacecap Languish
             2016 Circuit-man
                2018 Brussels Bowl & Board and Autumnal Inspiration 

        New Visions Culture & Agriculture

                2012 River Road Farmers Market 

          Northern National Art Competition

                2013 Up, Up and Away  

           MOWS (Missouri WC Society)

                2016 Stumped in Bluegill Park

         Red River Watercolor Society Annual National Exhibition

                2009 Hmong New Year (Recognition Award)
                2010 Flower Vendor
                2015 End of Discussion
                2016 Twelve Large
             2018 Clockwork Olive & Orange
           2019 Sweet Autumn Clematis

               Rhode Island Watercolor Society

                2017 Hmong New Year

               Richeson 75 Figure & Portrait Competition

                2011 Finalist: Hmong New Year - Meritorius: Flower Vendor & Stacy Seated
                2015 Circuit-man Meritorius award
Richeson 75 Still Life & Floral
                2015 - meritorious awards - YW Roses & Waiting for Wind

                 Rocky Mountain National Watermedia (RMNW)

                2016 Circuit-man
                2017 Clockwork Olive & Orange 

           Spokane Watercolor Society National Exhibition

                2016 Clockwork Olive & Orange (Certificate of Excellence) and Frondly Staghorn
                2017 Twelve Large, Brussels Bowl & Board & Pimento Red Roadster  

                      Transparent Watercolor Society  Nat’l Exhibition

                1983 Dried Beans, Noodles and Eggs
                1997 Peter’s Great Coat   
                2015 Circuit-man - (QFL)SIGNATURE STATUS  earned 

       Watercolor USA

                2011 River Road Farmer’s Market
                2012 Stumped in Bluegill Park 

          Watercolor Wisconsin

                2008 Winters End, Trailing Arbutus
                2011 Flower Vendor
                2012 Stumped in Bluegill Park
                2013 My Muse
                2014 End of Discussion
                2015 Lacecap Languish
                2016 Twelve Large
                2017 Sweet Autumn Clematis
                 2018 Clockwork Olive & Orange and Vinegars & Oils

Images may not be copied, reproduced or used in any way without written permission.
Diane B. Shabino    1802 Crestview Drive, Wausau WI 54403    715-675-9294      [email protected]