Order Sheet

Please provide me with the following information when requesting a watercolor commission:
(You can copy and paste this list to your email, just provide all the information any way you choose)
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Your Name:

Your Address:

Your Contact Information:

Email Address:

Phone Number:


Subject Name and Description:

Size of Requested Artwork (please refer to chart on PRICING AND ORDERING page)

How many photos are attached?

and please indicate which photos (by number) are:

Favorite Pose? Number:

Best Color? Number(s):

Best Character or Look Desired? Number(s):

Special Instructions and Additional Information:
If mailing, REMEMBER TO ENCLOSE prints & negatives or CD with .jpg images.
If emailing, REMEMBER TO ATTACH images in .jpg format.

Diane B. Shabino, 1802 Crestview Drive, Wausau WI 54403
 email: diane@dianeshabino.com
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