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Ordering and Pricing Information

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I paint the watercolor commissions from the photographs provided unless I am requested and able to schedule sittings. I prefer to receive several good photographs so that I have flexibility in choosing the best look/pose for the composition. That said, I use only one photo/pose for each subject/painting and will try to accommodate a favorite look/photograph, if at all possible (see pet portrait photo tips or still life old cars/trucks and people photo tips). I can bring in alternate backgrounds and additional subjects within reason. Please send me your name, address, contact information, subject's name and your photographs - photos should be sent at the highest resolution .jpg format as email attachments or on a CD/disk or as printed photographs, these need to be of high quality and at least 4 x 6 inches in size where the subject fills the photograph (if possible include the negative so I can get enlargements, if needed, to see all the details).  See ORDER SHEET below
I  am also available for photographing source material and portrait sittings within 100 miles of central Wisconsin, where I reside. I can be contacted by email at
  • Upon receipt of your photos and order sheet information, I will evaluate whether I have sufficient infromation to complete the requested painting.
  • Then, I will email a sketch of my proposed composition (this is my acceptance of the commission) along with a request for a 50% deposit due prior to beginning of painting.
  • The receipt of this deposit indicates your acceptance of the commission as outlined in the sketches provided.
  • When the painting is nearing completion, an image of the completed project and a statement for the balance due. including packing and shipping charges (and Wisconsin State Sales Tax if applicable) will be emailed.
  • At this time, I will ask that  you accept the final painting or suggest changes to be made. After the final "tweaking", if needed, and approval of the completed painting, I require the balance of payment prior to shipping.
I require a 50% nonrefundable deposit on acceptance of the commission prior to beginning a painting. I accept paypal, money orders, and cashier's or personal checks. 

all artwork is commissioned for personal use and may not be reproduced without the artist's written permission and all reproduction and copyrights are retained by the artist

Pricing for Pet Portrait Gallery
Size in Inches
   1 Subject  
1 Subject 
Head & Shoulders
  1 Subject  
 Whole Body  
5 x 7 $75 $85 $100
8 x 10 $100 $125 $150
9 x 12 $150 $175 $225
10 x 14 $225 $250 $300
14 x 16 $325 $350 $400
14 x 18-20 $400 $450 $500
18-20 x 28-30 $800 $950 $1100
For additional pets add 35% for the second subject and 25% for each additional

Pricing for People Portrait Gallery
Size in Inches
1 Subject
Head Study
1 Subject
Head & Shoulders
1 Subject
Whole Body Study
5 x 7 $150 $175 N/A
8 x10 $200 $275 N/A
9 x 12 $300 $400 $500
10 x 14 $400 $500 $600
14 x 16 $550 $650 $800
14 x 18-20 multiple subj. only
$650 base price
multiple subj. only
$750 base price
18-20 x 28-30 multiple subj. only
$750 base price
multiple subj. only
$1500 base price
For additional people add 50% for the second subject and 35% for each additional

Pricing for
Headgear and Hobbies Gallery and
Still Life Landscape & Floral Gallery
Size in Inches
1 Hat & 1 Hobby
or Simple Still Life etc
2 Hats & 2 Hobbies
or Moderate Still Life etc
3 Hats & 3 Hobbies
or Complex Still Life etc
8 x 10 $150 $175 N/A - $200
9 x 12 $200 $225 N/A - $250
10 x 14 $250 $275 $325
14 x 16
$325 $375 $425
14 x 18-20 $425 $500 $600
18-20 x 28-30 $575 $700 $850

Old Cars & Trucks Pricing
Size in Inches
1 Subject
8 x 10 $225
9 x 12 $325
10 x 14 $400
14 x 16 $800
14 x 18-20 $1000

Additional  subjects

+ 35%
Detailed Background +25%
Sitting fees,  
within 200 miles of Central Wisconsin
(+ travel expenses)

Plus Shipping & Handling and Wisconsin State Sales Tax, if applicable

More specific and additional quotes available upon request, please contact:

Diane B. Shabino, 1802 Crestview Drive, Wausau WI 54403
email: diane@dianeshabino.com

Order Sheet

Please provide me with the following information when requesting a watercolor commission:
(You can copy and paste this list to your email, just provide all the information any way you choose)
Printer Friendly Order Sheet

Your Name:

Your Address:

Your Contact Information:

Email Address:

Phone Number:


Subject Name and Description:

Size of Requested Artwork (please refer to chart on PRICING AND ORDERING page)

How many photos are attached?

and please indicate which photos (by number) are:

Favorite Pose? Number:

Best Color? Number(s):

Best Character or Look Desired? Number(s):

Special Instructions and Additional Information:
If mailing, REMEMBER TO ENCLOSE prints & negatives or CD with .jpg images.
If emailing, REMEMBER TO ATTACH images in .jpg format.

Diane B. Shabino, 1802 Crestview Drive, Wausau WI 54403
 email: diane@dianeshabino.com
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